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Cartographer, John Bartholomew
Hand-painted historic reproduction by Lisa R. Middleton

One of our popular Montana reproductions!
Stock# MT1906G

$ 24.95
Alaska, British Columbia 1906
Lisa Middleton's beautiful and dynamic painting depicts Alaska and British Columbia as seen by Scottish Cartographer, John Bartholomew, in the late 1880s.
Stock# ABC1906

TESTIMONIALS... Click here to read from proud owners of Lisa Middleton's historic map paintings. An original painting makes a terrific impact!!
$ 24.95
Lake Erie 1906 by John Bartholomew
GIFT PRINT of Lisa Middleton's Painting of Lake Erie and surrounding states, published in 1906, depicted by Scottish Cartographer John Bartholomew in the 1880s.
Stock# LE1906

$ 24.95
Idaho 1906
Cartographer: John Bartholomew
Artist: Lisa R. Middleton, Hand-Painted Historic Reproduction
Stock# ID1906

$ 24.95
Hawaii 1906
Cartographer: John Bartholomew
Artist: Lisa Middleton
Featuring jewel tones and entire island chain
Stock# Hawaii 1906

$ 24.95
De l'Isle's LA LOUISIANE 1731
24x36" Signed,hand-stained LIMITED EDITION PRINT of Lisa Middleton's hand-painted historic reproduction

De L'Isle's "Carte de la Louisiane" published in approximately 1731 would become the primary reference source for exploration of the Mississippi and Missouri river valleys and was used by other cartographers as late as 1797. Believed to be the oldest map consulted in the planning of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
Stock# DL1731LE

To see more information on this map, and all our Northwest historic maps, or to purchase hand-painted originals by Lisa Middleton, click here.
$ 125.00
Yellowstone National Park 1906
Lisa Middleton's beautifully painted Yellowstone National Park 1906.
Stock# YS1908G

$ 24.95
The Montana Railroad
Map of Central Montana

Beautiful hand-painted historic reproduction by Lisa R. Middleton. Excellent detail of mountain names, rail towns, Missouri, Yellowstone, Musselshell rivers, and other waterways.
Stock# MTRR

Save $2 by pairing this historic railway map with our newest anthology, OLD TIME RAILROAD STORIES by Michael Gillespie.
$ 24.95
Wyoming 1906
Another beautiful new map available from the John Bartholomew collection in our HISTORIC MAPS of the PACIFIC NORTHWEST MAPS section.

Questions or Comments? Please CALL FOR DETAILS.
Stock# WY1906

$ 24.95
Oregon 1906, Sandy Pallet
Our popular Oregon 1906 Gift Print with a subtle sandy pallet. Artist Lisa Middleton, Cartagrapher John Bartholomew. Gift prints are 10x14" and easy to frame!
Also available in various print sizes or as Hand-Painted Original. CALL FOR PRICING DETAILS.
Stock# ORSA1906GP
$ 24.95
Washington 1906, Sandy Pallet
WASHINGTON 1906, rendered in a subtle sandy pallet by artist Lisa Middleton. Gift prints are 10x14" and easy to frame! PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING on hand-painted originals or limited edition prints.
Stock# WASA1906GP
$ 24.95
British Columbia, 1906
Beautiful and Bright, Hand-painted by Lisa Middleton
Cartagrapher, John Bartholomew, UK

Stock# BC1906

$ 24.95
Colorado Canyons, 1906
Canyons of Colorado
Cartagrapher, John Bartholomew
Stock# COCANY1906
$ 24.95
Alberta, 1906
Province of Alberta, Canada, 1906
Hand-painted by Lisa Middleton
Cartagrapher, John Bartholomew
Stock# ALB1906

Click link for more information on Cartagrapher, John Bartholomew of Scotland.
$ 24.95
California and Nevada, 1906
Hand-painted by Lisa Middleton
Cartagrapher, John Bartholomew
Stock# CA1906
$ 24.95
Colorado, 1906
Colorado, as recorded by Cartagrapher John Bartholomew, in 1906.
Historic reproduction is hand-painted by Map Artist, Lisa Middleton
Stock# co1906

Click link for more information on Cartagrapher, John Bartholomew of Scotland.
$ 24.95
Montana Territory 1881
Montana Territory
Issued by the Dept. Of the Interior, General Land Office
Hand-painted by Map Artist, Lisa R. Middleton

Many Notes... "dry and nearly level," Trading Posts, Wagon Roads, Lodges, etc.
"Rand McNally and Company
Indexed county map of Montana with a new and original compilation and index, designating all post office towns and railroad stations. Chicago, 1881

Hand-painted by Lisa Middleton 888-255-7726

Hand-painted 24x36 original painting. $395
Also available as gift prints and limited edition signed prints. $22.95-$125.00

Call 888-255-7726 to order, or shop online
Stock# MTTER

$ 24.95
Puget Sound 1877 and Surrounding Washington Territory
A BEAUTIFUL rendition of Puget Sound in the 1870s. Noted as Washington Territory. Hand-Painted by Lisa R. Middleton.

Price Quoted is for the large format original painting. Limited Edition, Signed copies also available.

Click on the map image itself and a protected High Resolution of the map will be available. Hand-painted map images are copyrighted protected by the artist.
Stock# PU1877

$ 900.00
Texas 1906
Texas as recorded by Scottish Cartagrapher John Bartholmew, published in 1906.

Hand-painted by Lisa R. Middleton. Price shown is for the Gift Print. Original paintings, and limited edition prints are available.
Stock# TX 1906
$ 24.95
Bay of Fundy 1906
The Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Edward Isl. as recorded by Cartagrapher John Bartholomew

Hand-painted by artist, Lisa R. Middleton. Available as Gift Print, Limited Edition signed and numbered print, and hand-painted originals.

Each original is a unique, individual creation of the artist represented by this image. Click on image to view a copyright-protected high resolution map.

Price shown is for the signed & numbered Limited Edition Print.

$ 125.00
Florida 1906
Florida 1906 by Cartagrapher John Bartholomew, Scotland

Hand-painted by Lisa Middleton. Available as Gift Print, Limited Edition signed and numbered, and hand-painted original. Each original is uniquely created by the artist and is represented by the image shown here.
Stock# FLA1906
$ 24.95
This beautiful map of Washington in 1936 offers tremendous detail, including mileage between towns, ferry routes, forest trails, and roads. Copyright reads P.S.N. Co.

Hand-painted by Lisa R. Middleton, it is available as a hand-painted original, limited edition print, or gift print. Limited Edition price is shown.

Please note that every original map is a individually unique interpretation by the Artist. Thus each original will be as unique in its character as a cherished member of your family!
Stock# PU1936
$ 125.99
Minnesota 1906
Our first Midwestern map by John Bartholomew, Scottish Cartagrapher.

Hand-painted by Lisa R. Middleton.

Stock# MN1906

$ 24.95
Wisconsin 1906
Wisconsin 1906 by Cartagrapher John Bartholomew now joins our collection of both Mississippi River and historic Northwest maps.

Available as the hand-painted original painting, as a Limited Edition Print, and as our popular easy-fram 11x14" print.
Stock# WI1906
$ 25.95
Rand McNAlly's MONTANA, Umber version
"Rand McNally and Company's Indexed county map of Montana with a new and original compilation and index, designating all post office towns and railroad stations. Chicago."
Hand-painted by Lisa Middleton

Click on image to see in larger format. Gift Print 11x14" $24.95, Limited Edition Print 24x36 $120, 18x24" Limited Edition $85, Original Hand-painted map 24x36 $350

Stock# MTTER1883 A

$ 24.95
Transportation historian, Michael Gillespie brings his delightfully witty and well-researched commentary to a new collection of stories from the days of Steam and "those who lived the era!"

174 pages, edited and filled with historic photographs and commentary. ISBN 978-0-9711602-5-5
Stock# OTRR1

$ 19.95
"A Lively History of Steamboating on American Rivers" by Michael Gillespie.

For one brief moment in history, it was possible to slide down a muddy bank, board a steamboat, and travel anywhere within a 16,000-mile system of inland waters known as the Western Rivers... the Mississippi, the Ohio and the Missouri... as well as a score of lesser tributaries at diminutive landings such as Hog Point, Fish Pond, and Waterproof (which wasn't).

Michael invites the reader to experience steamboating as recounted firsthand by passengers, crew and journalists. Full index, glossary, and footnotes! 300+ pages

Stock# ISBN 978-0-9620823-2-0
$ 24.95
North and South Dakota 1906
Cartagrapher, John Bartholomew

Hand-painted original by Lisa R. Middleton. $385
Limited Edition 24x36" print, $125
11x17" Gift Print, $24.95
Stock# DKTA
$ 24.95
True Stories of Steamboating and the Missouri River
by Michael Gillespie.

"Wild River, Wooden Boats is a spendid account of frontier travel on the Missouri River. Tragedy and triumph are recounted without dramatics, so that the reader will want to be there on the one hand, and be glad he wasn't on the other!" ~ William Steinike, Steamboater

174 pages, full index, glossary,and Bibliography. Dozens of historic steamboat photographs and charts.
Stock# ISBN 978-0-9620823-7-6
$ 19.95
New Map of Louisiana and the Mississippi River
Hand-painted by Lisa R. Middleton
English Cartagrapher, John Senex

Another personal favorite as it features the Mississippi River and the Eastern United States. This 1746 ENGLISH version ) closely reproduces De l'Isle's Cart de La Louisiane.
Stock# ENGFL1746

$ 24.95
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