Put a T5 in your Classic Mustang along with clutch cable, conversion of automatic or manual transmission.  We specialize in T5 & Tremec  five speed conversions and rebuild and repair.

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Category: Adapters
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Adapter plate, T-5, Narrow pattern Ford, 260/289,early BBF, Ford 83-93 For T-5
T-5 Adapter plate for Ford early four speed " 6" narrow" bolt pattern. Includes mounting hardware
Stock# MD-401-2101

Used on bell housing casting#

$ 160
Adapter plate, T-5, Wide pattern Ford, 289/302/351 & 1967+ 200ci, 1983-93 Ford T-5
T-5 Adapter plate for a Ford SB 6 bolt bell housing or 8" wide pattern "3, 4 speed". 6 bolt BH used on 1965 and later 289, 302, 351 Adapter also used with 1967 and later 200ci inline 6 bellhousings. Two new mounting holes required. Includes mounting hardware.
Stock# MD-401-2102
Used on bell housings with these casting #'S
C7ZA-6394-A (inline 6)

$ 160
Adapter plate, T-5, 60-65 Ford 140/170ci w/2.77 3-speed bellhousing, 83-93 Ford T-5 only..Includes flat head bolts (4) 7/16-14 x 2 Lawson p/n 90844
T-5 Adapter plate for 1960-65 inline 6 cyl. with a 2.77 3 speed bellhousing to 93 and earlier T-5. Includes mounting hardware
Stock# MD-401-2103

$ 188
Adapter plate, T-5, 1966-up 200ci 6 Cyl Dagenham bellhousing #C6OA-6394-C to a 83-93 Ford T-5
1966 6 cyl. T-5 Adapter Plate. Bell housing # C6OA-6394-C. Made of sand cast aluminum. No modifications need to be made to your bell housing. Bolts right up to 1966 bell housing and to 1993 and earlier T-5.
Stock# MD-401-2104

$ 160
Spacer plate, 3550/TKO, TKO500/600 Adapts TKO, Ford wide pattern
Stock# MD-401-2108

$ 160
Adapter/Spacer plate, 3550, TKO500/600 (has narrow four speed pattern)
Adapter/Spacer plate, 3550, TKO500/600
Stock# MD-514-8607
$ 180
Adapter plate, Ford 3-4 speed bell to T-5, dual pattern, narrow & wide toploader
Adapter plate, Ford 3-4 speed bell to T-5, for dual pattern bellhousing with narrow & wide toploader patterns
Stock# MD-514-8608
$ 180
Spacer plate, 93 T-5 bellhousings/8660 to fit 94-95 V8 T-5 & 94-2004 V6 T-5s
Spacer plate, 93 T-5 bellhousings/8660 to fit 94-95 V8 T-5 & 94-2004 V6 T-5s
Stock# MD-514-8609
$ 160
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